whispers hello, i have a question regarding mass effect 3 modding if you don't mind! I'm trying to figure out how the dark circles under Shepard's eyes that show up in the last two stages of renegade scars are applied. I've looked through texplorer and all I see are the scars themselves, but not that weird bruised/dark circle thing that shows up. Do you have any idea where or how it's applied? Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense I've googled it and can't find anything about it, thanks;;


Wouldn’t know without looking, I’d suggest grabbing it with texmod logging mode rather than looking through texplorer if you don’t know where it’s at.

I believe the bruises are on the alpha layer of the scar texture. You can’t see it unless you open it up:



…there’s more stuff you can do in Skyhold than on Commander Shepard’s ship. … part of playing Inquisitor means decorating Skyhold manually: everything from the windows, throne, banner, and heraldry to the drapes can be swapped in a menu.
from this post guess who’s gonna be spending HOURS customizing skyhold’s drapes? (via spicyshimmy)
Väs tho.

He is my favorite *waggles eyebrows*


It’s the handmaiden outfit isn’t it? I’ve got a white theme going, white lightsaber, white robes, she’s blinding. What an angel! I really want to play her more but I’ve been very busy being evil. Or in Väs’ case, pretending to be evil while undermining the empire’s power structure from within. That might be a bit simplified. But yesss, pretty kitty :D

Top left to right: Name, race (level) - class

Cora, human (55) - scoundrel

Mc’beardslie, human (55) - commando

Raisha, mirialan (55) - sage

Nazomi, cathar (18) - shadow

Teelaren, twi’lek (13) - sentinel

Tallith, cathar (16) - vanguard

Top left to right: Name, race (level) - class

Eshae, mirialan (33) - sorceror

Amali-al’dira, twi’lek (14) - powertech

Rieselle, human (23) - marauder

Akaami, rattataki (24) - powertech

Ok, broke up my imperials into 2 posts, gents and the ladies, because I love my imps.

Top left to right: Name, race (level) - class

Taevos, mirialan (55) - mercenary

Evereth, human (55) - juggernaut

Leobhan, cyborg (55) - sorceror

Evanswraith, chiss (55) - sniper

Tavios, cyborg (41) - juggernaut

Väs, human (53) - marauder

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Hey! Could you, if you have time of course show me (us, show us, I don't want to make it sound personnal, even if it was the idea) your swtor characters? :)

An excuse to talk about my swtor characters?

Yeeees I’d love to.


W E L C O M E  T O  N E W  V E G A S


the women are the strong ones, truly.